I saw this on Facebook and said to myself "Michelle, I know what you want to do this weekend.  I LOVE PICNICS!!!!  Nothing says I love being with my family doing nothing but quietly relaxing like a Parisian picnic.

While American picnics are casual and fun, Parisian picnics are casual and romantic. Why not take a few tips from the french and invite someone special to picnic with you this weekend? Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Shopping – Part of the charm of a Parisian picnic is shopping the fromagerie, boulangerie and open markets for your ingredients. Start your date by shopping specialty stores in your area, if you have them. 
  • Location – Look for something picturesque to have in your view, a sunset, an overlook or a babbling brook. It doesn’t matter if there are other people around. After all, people watching is another charming part of Parisian picnics.
  • Tablecloth – Sure, you can use a blanket, but sitting on a tablecloth is much more chic.
  • Dinnerware – No need to be too formal here, simple white paper plates and napkins will do the trick. And since everything is finger-friendly, leave the utensils at home.
  • Drinks – A bottle of wine, champagne, or even sparkling water is a must. Don’t forget the glasses.
  • Fresh bread – A warm, crusty baguette is an absolute staple. Bring along some butter, but forget a knife. Tear off pieces as the french do.
  • Finger-friendly fruits and produce – A carton of fresh raspberries, plums, or even radishes and snap peas will be perfect for your picnic. Basically anything you enjoy that is fresh, colorful, and delicious.
  • Sliced meats – Thinly sliced cured meats are another staple. Try to choose at least two to sample, maybe one with mild flavor and one with some kick.
  • Cheese – A Parisian picnic is the perfect opportunity to sample new cheeses. If you’re lucky enough to have a specialty cheese shop, ask for recommendations. If not, use your smartphone to do some research.
  • Pastries – A picnic is not a picnic without some pastries for dessert. Whether you prefer a glazed croissant or a macaron, remember to pack something sweet.
  • Poetry – Bring along a book of poems to read. Give this book of Good Poems a try.
  • Lighting – If it’s going to be an evening picnic, bring along your own lighting: tea lights in mason jars are simple, safe, and sturdy.

    On a whim, I decided to start a blog dedicated to the things I enjoy, activities that sweeten my life every day. If you are reading this, 
    I hope you are inspired to live your sweet life.


    I am a 40-yr young woman of Hawaiian, Spanish and Portuguese ancestry.  
         I hold a Bachelors degree in Chemistry, but my interest run the gamut of knowledge.  You may call me a Renaissance Woman.
          I am a bit of a Europhile.  I enjoy the food, culture (art, literature, music, history), fashion,  and languages of Western Europe.  My hearts desire is to travel to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the UK with my la 'amore della mia vita Cletus, to enjoy all of the culture those countries have to offer.

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    July 2013